Initial situation

The street Ziegeleistrasse in the community of Tutzing (Germany) was heavily polluted due to construction work in recent years and the condition of the road corresponded.

The asphalt was already very thin in places and the road was full of potholes. In some places the asphalt to new house connections was missing.

In order to ensure that the residents could have their access road back at their disposal as quickly as possible, but still guarantee a high-quality rehabilitation, the municipality of Tutzing opted for this innovative alternative to general renovation using base course consolidation with nanopolymer.

The reasons are summarised below:

  • Achievement of the required load capacities
  • Improvement of the eco-balance
  • Reduction of the number of transports and landfill volume
  • Careful dealing with gravel reserves
  • Rapid implementation of the construction measure to ensure that the road is available again at short notice
  • Reduction of construction costs

Project details


Community of Tutzing


Bernegger GmbH


Panmax GmbH

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